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Page Master's Picks

Wondering what to get to start your very own Filipino and Filipino-American library? Here's what I consider the best of the best! Books that are chosen as Page Master's Picks have been read and enjoyed by yours truly. In the following months, more literary treasures will be posted for your information and enjoyment.
darkbluesuit.gif (6572 bytes) Dark Blue Suit and Other Stories
by Peter Bacho

A masterfully-written collection of connected short stories from a nice guy and a great writer! Follow the story of Buddy, his family and friends in Seatle as they live, die, love, hate, leave and reunite. This book is one of my favorite books in my collection.

alwayshiding.gif (114250 bytes) Always Hiding
by Sophia Romero

The story centers around Viola, an upper-middle class Filipina who finds in her parents' eyes, she is not the center of thier universe. After her father moves in with his social-climbing mistress, her mother flees to New York to become a TNT -- an illegal alien...