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Filipino and Filipino-American Fiction Anthologies

Alphabetical List of Authors (in this section):

Agcaoili, T. D

Brainard, Cecilia Manguerra

Bulosan, Carlos

Cantwell, Lee G.

Hagedorn, Jessica

Kudaka, Geraldine

Lapena-Bonifacio, Amelia

Lim, Jaime An

Rodriguez, Nice

Skinner, Michelle

Steoff, Rebecca


Collected Stories by T. D. Agcaoili Volume 1

Collected Stories : Stories of War by T. D. Agcaoili Volume 2

Philippine Writing; An Anthology by T. D., Ed. Agcaoili

BRAINARD, Cecilia Manguerra

Philippine Woman in America by Cecilia M. Brainard

Fiction by Filipinos in America Cecilia M. Brainard (Editor)

Contemporary Fiction by Filiipinos in America by C. Brainard (Editor)


On Becoming Filipino: Selected Writings of Carlos Bulosan by Carlos Bulosan, E San Juan (editor)

On Becoming Filipino: Selected Writings of Carlos Bulosan by Carlos Bulosan, E Jr San Juan (editor)

If You Want To Know What We Are: A Carlos Bulosan Reader by Carlos Bulosan

The Philippines Is In The Heart: A Collection of Short Stories by Carlos Jr. Bulosan


Crosscurrents by Lee G. Cantwell

HAGEDORN, Jessica T.

Charlie Chan Is Dead: An Anthology of Contemporary Asian American Fiction by Jessica Tarahata Hagedorn(Editor)

KUDAKA, Geraldine

On a Bed of Rice : An Asian American Erotic Feast Geraldine Kudaka (Editor)


12 Philippine Women Writers Amelia Lapena-Bonifacio (Editor)

Sepang Loca and Others by Amelia Lapena-Bonifacio


Throw It to the River (International Connections: Women Writers from Around the World) by Nice Rodriguez , Mona Oikawa (Editor)

SKINNER, Michelle

Balikbayan: A Filipino Homecoming by Michelle Skinner

STEOFF, Rebecca

In the Heart of Filipino America : Immigrants from the Pacific Isles (The Asian American Experience) by Rebecca Steoff , Carol Takaki, Ronald Takaki