America is in the Heart
by Carlos Bulosan

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Returning a Borrowed Tongue
by Nick Carbo

The Page Master's Review

Her Wild American Self
by M. Evelina Galang

The Page Master's Review

by Jessica Hagedorn

The Page Master's Review

Charlie Chan is Dead
Edited by Jessica Hagedorn

The Page Master's Review

as a public service to the Filipino and Filipino-American writing community:

FREE Web Page Offer
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 Are you are a Filipino or Filipino-American author with a self-published, foreign published, university published or mass-market published book without a listing on or a home page?  As a public service to the Filipino and Filipino-American writing community, I have volunteered to create a simple home page to showcase your book FREE OF CHARGE!  That's right!  It will cost you absolutely NOTHING to get this home page.  The very small home page (20-25K) will include a small scanned picture of your book cover, author, publishing and ordering information, and a form that people can use to order your book. The only requirement is that you must have an E-MAIL address so the order information can be sent to you.  But if you decide to compensate me, I only ask that you send me a FREE copy of your book by postal mail - nothing more and nothing less.  Are you ready to get a free home page?  Just fill in the form below and get featured as an up-and-coming Filipino or Filipino-American cyber-literatti!


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